What is Kappa Delta Online?

Since 1995, I've been publishing Kappa Delta Online, a periodic mailing of little bits & pieces about KD to those of us who are "cyber connected"! Close to 1,500 members of all ages subscribe, including a few past and present national officers.

Though I was never an officer for KD (unless you wanna count Parliamentarian & Public Relations), I was active for my four years at UF.

Anyway, I had always been gabbing on the computer (since the early 80s, before anyone had a clue what a "modem" was -- my speed at the time was 300 baud. Yes, THREE HUNDRED!). And when I was on Prodigy, I "met" so many Kappa Deltas, mostly to the work of Ellen Utschig. We all chatted about our daily lives in the Hobbies area. I had mentioned about using the internet to the gals, but the idea never really caught on, probably because before the internet hit the mainstream, it was tough to access.

Anyway, Ellen & the *P KayDees kept a running list of those of us who had stopped by to say Hi (it was publicized a few times in The Angelos ). I used that list & added names I found through internet newsgroups. Then I joined AOL & started doing member searches and checking the bulletin boards on here. That's how I created my first list back in 1995!

I thought it would be great if we could carry the "chatter" we started on *P to everyone, so I thought I'd cut n' paste stuff together & send it out. After all, everyone has great news to share, whether it's an engagement announcement, passing a course, winning an award, the birth of a grandchild, your favorite memories as a KD, or KD traditions. Heck, I've even shared news about my bulldog! No matter how insignificant or silly you think it might be, I'll most likely post it (as long as it's in good taste). So, since email is sooooooo handy, here we are!

The newsletter usually comes out once a week. I know, some people don't like to have their mailboxes cluttered. But when I receive TOO much stuff, I just put out another. Basically, it's whenever I feel like it. Also, when I'm on vacation (actually, out of town), so is the newsletter!

And though we have several officers who receive this newsletter, this is not published by Headquarters, hence the "unofficial" in the nameplate at the top. But we DO have HQ's blessing! :) In fact, I was awarded the Order of the Emerald at the 1999 Convention for putting all this together. :))))

BTW (that's cybertalk for 'by the way'), I believe we are the first national sorority to do anything of this type. Yes, other groups have web sites & they have cyber-HQ's, but from what I can tell by all the searching I've done on the web, we are the first sorority to have such a publication.

Yes! I would LOVE to receive Kappa Delta Online, with no obligation!

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