Many of you have sent in KD traditions that you've used at your weddings.
Thanks to those of you who sent in ideas!
And of course, if you have anything else to share, please email me.

From: Heather A. CZECZOK

I wanted to let you in on an idea that one of my chapter sisters did at her wedding. She had green ribbons to mark off selected rows (behind the family) for her KD sisters. I thought it was a nice idea.


Heather Czeczok
Epsilon Tau


Hello Kappa Delta Sisters!

First of all thank you for the newsletter that you send out. It is always enjoyable to read. After the latest one I thought I would tell you about the wedding traditions that my chapter used. They were wonderful and brought forth many tears at my own wedding.

The sisters form a circle around the bride and groom and present them with an engraved silver tray and a white rose. We then sang "This White Rose We're Giving...." And then sometimes sang another song or two. It depended on how bored the groom was getting!! It is a real special moment.

Hope that this helps you a little.



How about this old song. . .
She's your Kappa Delta Sweetheart
Al-ways true.
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.
She'll be faithful forever
Your Kay-Dee.
And the dream in your hearts
Will live on eternally.

to the tune of


We sang the same verses over and over at candle-passings.
See what you think of my fading memory. . . haha

Melinda Sopher MacNeil
Asst. Athletic Academic Advisor
Life Skills Program Director
Old Dominion University
Norfolk, VA 23529-0519

From: Julie Ann Bubolz

at alpha alpha-mich state we always serenade the happy couple with the "sweetheart song" it goes like this:

When they turn the lights down low, dear, & I waltz again with you.
Even though my lips are silent, my heart says I love you. And now as I hold you, enfold you, my heart stops, my head's a-whirl. I could waltz this way forever, with my Kappa Delta Girl.

From: Linda Pannatoni

Gosh, I guess getting married right out of college has its advantage. I got married late in life (33) So some of the Kappa Delta Traditions were not part of my wedding except the wedding favors were silk roses with 3 almonds in them ties with green and white ribbon so I guess we did have a tad of KD. We didn't sing much at my chapter so the KD song I do not know. I feel I missed out. Would love to get a tape of all the KD songs. In AOT, Linda

From: Sue Annabel Baldauff

One thing I am doing is, for each KD that is attending the wedding, I have a long stem white rose, garnished with KD ribbon for them at their place setting. Scrolled up, attached to the rose is a copy on parchment paper of a song that was popular during pref night for our chapter called 'Friends'. I'm hoping it's just an extra touch to remind them how we' re all binded together from our friendships in KD. Feel free to e-mail me at with any questions, comments, etc. Best of luck to you!

Love in AOT,

Sue Annabel Baldauff
Beta Pi, P.C. '90
Univ. of Florida


I just thought of 1 that I used and had sort of forgotten, you probably have it already anyway... My reading was from Corinthians and was done by a sister- the importance of that passage and the choice of a sister to read it was special to me and the KDs at/in my wedding.

On a sillier note, at the KD weddings I have attended, including my own, where the couple insisted that people sing a song with the word Love in it to get them to kiss, rather than the old tradition of clinking glasses, all the KDs got together to sing "let's drink a toast"- Let's drink a toast, to the Kappa Delts, the fairest girls we know. The fact is notorious, we're perfectly glorious, that's why they LOVE us so, Love us so... etc...


From: Aileen

I was able to use the 32 cent Georgia O'Keeffe stamps on the outside envelopes.

From: Jennifer Fry

Hello, my name is Jennifer Fry and I am a 1993 initiate of Zeta Iota, St. Louis University (the first pledge class after the colonization of the chapter). At initiation, we were each given a white garter to wear for the ceremony. I believe this idea came from Kelly Earhardt/Illinois Wesleyan. Anyway, my college roommate/pledge sister wore her garter at her wedding. This is a special tradition to begin for your pledge classes. I plan to wear mine. (That is if I ever get married.)

From: Theresa (Bertelli) Ream

I am so glad you have added the wedding ideas to your home page. I was recently married in December and have a few others to add to your list.

1. White roses: All the bouquets and boutonnieres had white roses.
2. Emeralds, diamonds, & pearls: The bridesmaids wore pearl necklaces & pearl/diamond earrings. My husband gave me a strand of pearls as a gift & my wedding band is emeralds & diamonds.
3. Readings: Not only did we use the 1 Corinthians reading, but we also used John 15 as a gospel reading ("There is no greater love than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.")
4. Green: The bridesmaids wore green velvet (quite a popular color/fabric for the last few weddings).

Good luck to all the soon to be brides out there!
Theresa (Bertelli) Ream, ZD Connecticut

From: Jennifer Mercer

My Kappa Delta sisters from Baylor University, have the tradition of circling the bride at the reception and singing Sha-la-la. That was the song we sang when we were pledges at our pledge meeting. Of course the tradition is not singing the song, but trying not to sing off-key. We still have fun anyway.

Another nice touch from a wedding I was just a part of. The host of the bridesmaid luncheon gave everyone a green ball and clear glass vase with a white rose. Not including the bride, there were 5 KD's and two KD mothers in attendance.

Jennifer Mercer

From: Dawn O'Leary

I just came back from a KD sister's wedding and wanted to add another tradition to the KD Wedding Book. I was the matron of honor for Jen Hicks (Beta Gamma chapter) and it was great. The wedding colors were KD green and white (of course) -- green bridesmaids dresses and white roses for the bouquet.

The tradition is this: At the suggestion of one of the groomsmen, the DJ announced that anyone who wanted to see the bride and groom kiss should come up to them and sing a song or recite a poem with the words "love" or "kiss" in them. For every instance of the word "love" or "kiss" the bride and groom kiss. This custom calls for at least one KD song, of course. :)

Beta Gamma doesn't have a white garter tradition but at my suggestion, Jen got two green and white garters and wore them during the ceremony. One was used for the garter toss and Jen kept the other one. If she ever has a daughter who becomes a Kappa Delta, Jen plans to give the garter she kept to her daughter on her initiation day.

Dawn O'Leary

From: Joan Deaton Grefer

Something else to add to your "KD Wedding Traditions" page -- when my grandlittle (Kim Crafton Schniedau) was married, her something borrowed was her big sister's/my little sister's (Sharon Mathis Satterly's) KD badge. When Sharon was married two years later, she wore my badge. And finally, two years after that, when I got married, my little's badge (made into a ring) graced my right hand. Of course, it matched the new ring on my left hand, which is set with emeralds and diamonds.

-- Joan Deaton Grefer, Alpha Xi

From: Meredith Sellers

A friend of mine Maria Lengua Johnson (Zeta Nu, Lynchburg College)got married on July 6, 1996. Her bridesmaides wore green and carried white roses. During the reception all her sisters joined hands around the bride and sang "Always think of KD" which is a song we sang at pref night!

Another tradition we did was on the day of big sis revealing the big sis gave the lil sis a white garter with a tiny rose and green ribbon on it. Each sister is only supposed to wear the garter on the day she is initiated into sisterhood and on her wedding day. Of course she wears another one to be thrown and keeps this one to pass on to her daughter or to keep. The big sis made a special box/container to keep the garter in from initiation day until her wedding day!

Meredith Sellers
Zeta Nu

From: Stephanie (Kennimer) Thornton

I was married in February and of course KD's were present throughout...from being guests to members of the house party to my maid-of-honor.

For ALL THE KDs there, I made special souvenirs. Our skit song is "Count on Me" by Whitney Houston so I printed up sayings on parchment paper that said AOT in the background and the lines Count on me through thick and thin...A friendship that will never end followed by my new name, address, and phone number. This page was then rolled up into a scroll and tied with green and white ribbons. This idea really works too..because noone has any excuse for not keeping in touch!!

We also had the garter tradition, a song sung by all KDs in attendance, and 1st Corinthians read by my little sister.

Stephanie (Kennimer) Thornton
Old Gamma Upsilon (Tamu-Commerce)

From: Olivia Davila

hiya--here's one that one of my KD sisters did at her wedding a couple of years ago. the KD's that attended her wedding circled her and sang, "The Rose" by Bette Midler to her. We always sing that song at Formal Desserts (also known as pref night) and everyone always cries, so the song has a very special meaning to our chapter. I hear it was beautiful and I plan on having the song somewhere in my ceremony, should I ever get married!

Liv Davila
Sigma Pi

From: Chris Limone

I recently got married in October '98. For the church ceremony program I ordered program covers that had a picture of a bouquet of white roses and the Corinthians passage "Love is..." in green type. Then I tied the program together with a kelly green ribbon. This description doesn't really do it justice, the cover was very classy looking. I ordered them through a wedding invitation catalouge. The catalouge I used was "Dawn" but I'm sure most of the the catalouge companies have the same program covers in their selection.

Christine Limone Soracchi
Zeta Delta '90

From: Jessica Caldwell Wallis

I got married in October of '99 and had a wedding tradition of my own to add. My aunt (also a KD) sang "The Rose" by Bette Midler right before the wedding party walked in. That was a song we sang at Pref Night at my chapter.

Love in AOT,
Jessica Caldwell Wallis

From: Olivia Brakenbury

Hi Annie,

I did this at my wedding and at a previous sister's wedding. I plan on doing it once more at a sister's wedding in November. It proves to be very moving and emotional.

Before the ceremony, if possible, gather all the KD sisters who are in attendance and stand in the friendship circle, clasp hands and recite the prayer from the beginning of formal meetings. It's a wonderful way to begin a new segment of your life knowing that your sisters and God are behind you all the way.

Olivia Brakenbury
Zeta Sigma, '97

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