The Pearling Tradition

I had received a message for the newsletter from a collegian congratulating her sister on her "pearling". I had never heard of such a I wrote to her. Good thing I did...many other sisters didn't know this tradition either!

Here's her reply:

From: Jen Johnson

Ok... pearling.

well, if you have a boyfriend that is not greek, he cannot lavalier you (give you his letters) so we have it so that if he wants to do the equivilant then he gives you a pearl... and Dana received this beautiful pearl necklace for Christmas!

We had a candle pass after our first meeting back for her. The candle goes around twice, same as a lavaliering!
It was a lot of fun, especially since I knew who it was going to be and I decorated the candle special for Dana!
It's kinda cool to find out what other chapters do... :)

love in AOT,

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