I thought this poem would fit in so well. Thank you so much for all you do. And I want to say Love in AOT to all my Delta Sigma Chapter KD sisters.


When my son first left for college,
His dad gave him advice for life;
You can date each and every Kappa,
but bring home a KD for a wife.

You can Party with the Tri-Delts,
and it's fine to date a DG,
but when it's time to marry,
Be sure to find a KD.

The Chi-O's can be on your agenda,
and Pi Phi's are fun for a date,
but never, ever forget that
you'll want a KD for your mate.

We want you to enjoy your college years
and give all the sororities a spin,
but never buy a ring unless
Kappa Delta is her pin.

During your four years of college,
you'll go from one suite to another,
but take the advice of your smiling old dad
and bring home a Kappa Delta to your mother!

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