Everything I Needed To Know About Life
I Learned In My Sorority

    1. Wear comfortable shoes – When your feet hurt, it’s hard to smile
    2. Pantyhose and Band-Aids cover a multitude of sins
    3. Always say "Yes" when someone offers you a breath mint; you never know why they asked
    4. Bad breath is a true conversation ender
    5. Do not eat your roommate’s or housemates’ food – Someday yours will be gone when you need it most
    6. The ability to party is not a life asset
    7. When conducting or presenting at a meeting, remember that the audience is not as excited about the topic as the speaker, and they want to adjourn early
    8. Learn to co-exist with diverse personalities – You never know who you need in your corner
    9. Listen to all opinions – You may not know all the answers
    10. Sometimes the words "She has nice shoes" are the nicest thing you can say
    11. Very rarely do you receive something you really wanted without working hard for it
    12. Always end on a positive

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